All programs that run for more than one month  are eligible for a monthly payment plan. All payment plans require 30% of tuition be paid by the first class. The number of payments is dependent on the number of months the program runs. A 6 month program needs to be paid up by the 4 month.  All payments are due on the first weekend of class in cash, money order, or certified bank check. If you miss class, payments need to be postmarked no later than the Tuesday following the weekend of class, unless prior arrangements have been made.  For payments due in months that the class does not meet, payments are due by the 15th of the month

FEES: Administrative fee $50 / Bounced check fee $35 / Late monthly payment fee $25/Monthly payment plan fee $50

You may terminate this agreement at any time. You must do this in writing. If you terminate within 5 days of sending in your registration, you will receive a full refund minus a $50 administrative fee provided that classes have not commenced. If you subsequently terminate this agreement prior to the commencement of the program you will receive a full refund less your non-refundable deposit. If H&E cancels a program you will receive a full refund. If you notify H&E at or after the first class but in the first week  of a program  you will receive a 85% refund less your non-refundable deposit and a$50 administrative fee. There are no refunds  after the first week of a course.


Students who miss more than 20% of a program you must either make arrangements with the instructor to make up missed work or retake missed classes. Students who have completed at least 80% of a program are allowed to retake the missed class/es, once, for no charge. This must be done the next time the class is offered. Students must be in good financial standing to retake a class.

H&E has an open admissions policy and accepts new students on a first come basis. Classes are limited to 12 students. Applicants need to submit a registration form with a $150 non-refundable deposit (see refund policy) .

Admissions deadline is 4 weeks prior to the start of class . Late registration is dependent on space availability- please call to be put on a wait list.




Students are required to attend all classes. If a student will not be able to attend class or knowingly will be late s/he should call 978-534-1319 and inform the instructor. If attendance falls below 80% students will receive non-passing grade unless special arrangements have been made with the instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all missed work .


Students who wish to take classes without being responsible for assigned work may audit. Audited courses are not graded and therefore are not eligible for a certificate. Auditing students who attend 80% of classes may request a transcript.


Students will receive a Certificate of Completion if they attend 80% of class and complete the program with a grade of 80 or better. A Certificate of Completion entitles students to transcripts, references and referrals.


Heaven & Earth reserves the right to cancel, make changes to courses, schedules, instructors, policies or fees subject to state and federal law. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, Heaven & Earth does not accept liability for typographical errors.


If a student has a change in name, address, phone number or e-mail, it is the responsibility of the student to notify Heaven & Earth in writing as soon as possible.


Quiet, non-mobile babies are allowed in class. Mobile babies and young children are NOT allowed in class unless previous arrangements have been made. We recommend that if you have an older infant or young child that you feel you need to bring, that you have someone else accompany you to care for the child elsewhere. Nursing babies may be brought in for lunch or at break.


Prohibited conduct:

1)      Violation of published regulations or policies

2)      Intentional or reckless acts that cause physical harm or offensive contact

3)      Willful harassment, abuse, intimidation of any person

4)      Any act that directly or indirectly affects the health, welfare or safety of others

5)      Intentional or substantial interference with freedom of speech

6)      Intentional behavior that results in a false report, warning, or threat of fire, explosion, or emergency

7)      Intentional  or reckless interference with normal sponsored activities

8)      Intentional or reckless destruction or damage to the property of others

9)      Theft of property

10)  Unauthorized distribution, use or possession of any controlled substance, including alcohol or illegal drugs.

11)  All forms of academic dishonesty, this includes copying word for word other people’s work (plagarism)

12)  An act which jeopardizes the interests of the Heaven & Earth’s  community, even when such acts are committed off site

13)  Monopolizing a class discussion

14)  Breach of confidentiality


As a student/apprentice you represent present and future clinicians. Students are entering a health care profession and should dress and act appropriately in the classroom and in the community. Students and faculty should be appropriately dressed at all times. Dress should be clean, and reflect professionalism; no cleavage, shorts, skirts above the knees, skin tight clothing or provocative clothes are allowed in the classroom or student clinics. Profanity and hurtful, abusive, or discriminatory language is forbidden. Students who are in clinic should respect the sensibility, customs and mores of clients and other students.


Students who send information by e-mail are responsible for making sure we received it. H&E will send you a return e-mail stating we received any e-mail related to policy.


Students must have a minimum of 70 on any exam or quiz to pass. Students who have less than 70 may retake an exam/quiz. Retake of final exams will be penalized by 5 points.


A= 93-100/ 4.00; A- = 90-92/3.75

B+ = 87-89/3.50; B = 83-86/3.00; B- = 80-82/2.75;

C+= 77-79/ 2.50; C= 73-76/ 2.00; C- = 70-72/1.7



All students have the right to have any complaints heard in an appropriate forum as quickly as possible. A student is first directed to the party with whom the complaint is held. If no resolution is achieved in this manner, the student should next direct her grievance to the Director. If necessary, a Grievance Committee is convened. The Committee will consist of a faculty, student and administrator who are not involved in the grievance. Consensus by the Committee defines the outcome.


We make every effort to run class. We recommend you plan to stay overnight in the area if the forecast calls for bad weather. If bad weather is predicted for the weekend you should call 978-534-1319 before leaving home; there will be a message on our answering machine by 7:00 am stating if the class has been canceled. If there is a travel advisory or an ice storm– class is usually canceled. If class is being held and a student feels uncomfortable driving in the weather condition they should stay home. H&E believes a student’s safety comes first. Students are allowed to make up any classes missed for bad weather for no charge as long as the class is taken in the next cycle that it is run. If H&E calls off a class, they will reschedule a make-up class. Classes missed for bad weather are not counted against attendance policy; however, students are required to make up all work.


An incomplete will be given when a student is not able to complete all requirements by the end of the program due to extenuating circumstances.  A student must request in writing an incomplete prior to the end of the program. This document must list why the student is requesting an incomplete and how the student plans to complete the program including a deadline for completion. An incomplete must be completed within 1 year of attending class.All make up classes must be made up within one year of the original program.


If you miss class, payments need to be postmarked no later than the Tuesday following the weekend class is held, unless prior arrangements have been made. There is a $25 fee for late payments.


Request for a leave of absence may be granted for medical, personal, financial, or academic reasons

 Emergency leaves for a short period may be granted in case of serious illness or death in the family. Students who take an emergency leave may make up these classes at no cost as long as they have paid for the program and retake the classes within one year. Time missed will be counted as part of the class attendance requirements. Students are required to give advanced written notice. Maximum time granted for a leave of absence is 3 months. If a student has taken part of a program and then request a leave of absence, other than for an emergency leave, will be required to retake the whole program. Students may retake the missed classes for no cost as long as they have already paid for the program and retake it the next cycle it runs. Students who do not return to the program within one year will be required to retake the whole program with no discount. Students who take a leave of absence follow the same refund policy as when they entered the program initially. Students may request an extension in extenuating circumstances.

Students who return after a leave of absence will be required to meet any new requirements for graduation.


Students who miss a class and have less than a 20% absenteeism may retake the class for free if they take it in the next cycle it runs. Students who miss more than 80% of class may make up classes for a daily rate $50 .


Pets are not allowed in class or on the property.


Heaven & Earth affirms the right of each person to observe significant religious holy days. Students need to inform their instructor of such circumstances prior to the date of absence and request the time off in writing. Students are responsible for the material covered; exams given on religious holidays may be rescheduled. Religious absences do not count against attendance requirements.


Heaven & Earth does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment. Such harassment presents a serious threat to the well being of the party being harassed and is considered unacceptable behavior. Sexual harassment can be defined as unwanted sexual behavior such as physical contact, verbal comments, or suggestions that adversely affect the learning/work environment of the individual. Heaven & Earth believes sexual harassment is an abuse of power and authority, not simply inappropriate sexual attention.


In accordance with state law and good health practices, smoking is not permitted in the building.


The use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs or abuse of alcohol resulting in impaired performance or legal difficulties will lead to probation or expulsion.          


Students are expected to attend class on time. Students who are more than 15 minutes late three times are marked absent.


A request for a transcript/reference needs to be done in writing. Allow at least three weeks for your request to be processed. Include your name, address date of graduation/attendance and who you would like it sent to. Transcripts are issued only for completed modules/programs. Transcripts/references are honored once a student’s financial obligations are met. Transcripts are not sent via e-mail. You are allowed one free official transcript  of each year you attended Heaven & Earth. There is a $10 fee for each additional transcript,  paid in a money order or certified bank check.