Graduating class 2010

Heaven & Earth’s Mission is to teach the principle of wellness and preventative care, cultivate self discovery
and assist in the development of health care practitioners who:
• honor the body’s ability to heal and give birth
• recognize the significance of the mind, body, spirit connection
• develop awareness of the connection between environment, health and personal responsibility
• respect the subtle energies that connect us to ourselves, one another and the divine
• are committed to guiding, empowering and serving their clients
• value the art of healing
• respect individual differences
• incorporate complementary and integrative medicine within their practice
• foster recognition and cooperation among all medical and traditional healing practitioners

Heaven & Earth honors the differences of spiritual/religious views among people. Spirituality is approached, not as a religious experience per say, but as a tool to cultivate inquisitiveness and self-discovery. We believe that discussion on spirituality brings meaningful exchange among persons of different views and traditions, provoking a greater understanding of the human experience and the healing process. Heaven & Earth is committed to openness and exploration of the human experience within all traditions of the world.


ELIZABETH MAZANEC CPM, CH, M.ED. –has been a Clinical Herbalist, Naturopath, Reiki Master practicing and teaching an integrative and energetic approach to herbology, health, and healing for over 30 years. She trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbology with William LeSassier, Homeopathy with Dr. Sutherlund MD, and Reiki with John Harvey Gray. She has a master’s in education from Harvard and is presently an adjunct professor at Mount Wachusett Community College teaching psychology, complementary health care and nutrition. As a practicing health and wellness counselor and a retired Certified Professional Midwife, she interweaves real world knowledge with the spiritual and energetic components of a traditional healer.