Elizabeth Mazanec M.Ed, CH, CPM – Director and primary teacher,  has been a Clinical Herbalist, Naturopath, Reiki Master practicing and teaching an integrative and energetic approach to herbology, health, and healing for over 30 years. She trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbology with William LeSassier, Homeopathy with Dr. Sutherlund MD, and Reiki with John Harvey Gray. She has a master’s in education from Harvard and is presently an adjunct professor at Mount Wachusett Community College teaching psychology, complementary health care and nutrition. As a practicing health and wellness counselor and a retired Certified Professional Midwife, she interweaves real world knowledge with the spiritual and energetic components of a traditional healer.

 Louis Giorgi BS  has a bachelors in psychology from UMass Amherst. He  is a certified yoga teacher who has worked with yoga since the 1970’s where he studied with Swami Satchitananda. His classes are enhanced by his present exploration and training in Kundalini yoga. An avid field identifier he brings a solid background in botany and a clear understanding of the interconnection of life, health, and healing.

Yvonne Noyes-Stevens M.Psy, M.Ed is the founder of New England Education Connection has worked in Human Services for over 10 years. She is presently an adjunct professor at Mount Wachusett Community College, and mental health counselor, as well as an Educational Advocate, certified Red Cross instructor and a feng shui consultant. She has a master’s in both education and psychology and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Psychology and Culture.