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 This in-depth program of subtle energy will look at the anatomy of the subtle body including a thorough investigation into the Chakra system to both promote better health and accelerate the healing process. This hands on program will lead you onto the path of healing the mind, body, and spirit by utilizing, chakra work, meditation, energy exercises, crystals and breathe work. Follow your path to becoming a healer and crossover into a new and exciting realm of energy healing.

TIME: Wednesdays 10-2pm

1) Energy primer – key subtle structures
2) Energy healing – ethics & history
3) Energy fields
4) Chakra anatomy & development
a. How to use a pendulum
5) Understanding chakras & emotions
a. Root chakra
i. grounding
6) Chanting & meditation
a. Sacral chakra
i. Chakra clearing
7) Principles of Human energy processing
a. Chanting & meditation
b. Energy testing
i. Scanning for energy leaks
ii. Muscle testing
8) Bach flowers & gem essences
a. Solar plexus
i. Mental influences
9) Principles of chakras & relationships
a. Heart chakra
10) Parallel fields
a. Throat chakra
11) Energetic healing techniques
a. Third eye chakra
12) Energetic Healing techniques
a. Crown chakra